Past Presidents

Arthur L. Hutchins, Georgia Bureau of Investigation 1970-1971 Wayne E. Spiva, Atlanta Police Department 1971-1972 William M. Riley, Sr., Floyd County Police 1972-1973 James W. Moore, Sr., Atlanta Police Department 1973-1974 Richard S. Ruth, U.S. Treasury Department, ATF 1974-1975 Samuel D. Wright, Columbus Police Department 1975-1976 Clinton Luther, Albany Police Department 1976-1977 Joseph P. Ayers, Dekalb County Police Department 1977-1978 Marion M. McDonald, Jr., Fulton County Police Department 1978-1979 Robert L. Windham, Albany Police Department 1979-1980 Edward B. Mizedll, Richmond County Sheriff’s Department 1980-1981 Charles A. Moss, Sr., Georgia Bureau of Investigation 1981-1982 Frank G. Kendall, U.S. Treasury Department, ATF 1982-1983 Daniel M. Hart, Warner Robins Police Department 1983-1984 Thomas W. Simmons, U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Lab. 1984-1985 Jerry F. Findley, Chatham County Police Department 1985-1986 Andrew J. Sheahan, Georgia Bureau of Investigation 1986-1987 Robert C. Sanders, III, U. S. Army Criminal Investigation Lab. 1987-1988 Donald J. Mathews, Rockmart Police Department 1988-1989 Willie G. Smith, Georgia Bureau of Investigation 1989-1990 Galen L. Noll, Warner Robins Police Department 1990-1991 Duane R. Christenson, Augusta Police Department 1991-1992 Mary Ann Kendall, Georgia Bureau of Investigation 1992-1993 William M. Thomas, Hillsborough County Florida Sheriff’s Off. 1993-1994 Teresa L. Race, Conyers Police Department 1994-1995 Al Pryor, Georgia Bureau of Investigation 1995-1996 Lowell McNeal, Gainesville Police Department 1996-1997 Keith R. Landenberg, Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department 1997-1998 Andrew J. McIntyre, Bureau of ATF 1998-1999 Gregory D. Haralson, Clayton County Sheriff’s Department 1999-2000 Louis A. Cuendet, III, Georgia Bureau of Investigation 2000-2001 Shannon K. Hale, Georgia Bureau of Investigation 2001-2002 Douglas W. Shafer, Columbus Police Department 2002-2003 Stephen D. Greene, U. S. Army Criminal Investigative Lab. 2003-2004 David T. Leedahl, Athens-Clarke County Police Department 2004-2005 Larry Hankerson, ATF Forensic Lab 2005-2006 Lanny D. Cox, Georgia Bureau of Investigation 2006-2007 Karen Parr, Dougherty County Sheriff's Office 2007-2008 Carl Cook, Clayton Co Police Department 2008-2009 Sherry Hosey, Carrollton Police Department 2009-2010 Brenda Hutson, DeKalb County Police Department 2010-2011 Mark Bentley, Georgia State Patrol 2011-2012 Katrina Murdock, Forsyth County Sherriff’s Office 2012-2013 Eric Weirnik, Lawerenceville PD 2013-2014 Janice Hester, Hall County Sheriff's Office 2014-2015 Patricia Gilbert, Decatur Police Department 2015-2016 Lisa Maxwell, Thomasville Police Department 2016-2017 Jason Canupp, Lumpkin County Sheriff's Officer 2017-2018