The Georgia Division of the International Association for Identification (GAIAI) is a professional, non-profit law enforcement organization dedicated to promoting training and research in the application of scientific methods for the purpose of crime detection.

As an organization, we seek to develop uniform and state-wide professional standards in such areas as:

Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation Crime Scene Investigation Electronic Imaging
Fingerprint Identification Firearms Identification Footwear / Tire Track Identification
Forensic Photography Forensic Art Innovative / General Techniques
Laboratory Analysis Polygraph Examination Questioned Document Analysis
Toolmarks Identification Voice & Acoustic Analysis

The Georgia Division of the IAI welcomes Investigators, Detectives, and Civilian Crime Scene Investigators that are involved in the crime scene processing, evidence collection, and forensic analysis.  The GAIAI offers two one-day training sessions during the year and an Annual Fall Conference.

Members Benefits:

  • Continuing education in multiple forensic disciplines and crime scene processing
  • Networking with other Crime Scene and Forensic professionals

Membership Cost: $30.00 Annually

Membership Application:

For Questions about membership or more information about our organization contact:

Kayla Neal or Katrina Willis